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Q How can I place an order?
Q What is the cost for team banners/pennants?
Q What sized are available for team banners/pennants?
Q Do you offer any discount?
Q What are the turnaround times for team banners/pennants?
Q What if I didn’t receive my order confirmation?
Q May I make a correction to my order after it has been submitted?
Q I want it faster, are you able to rush my order?
Q How do I know which banner is the best for me?
Q May the banners be hemmed?
Q Can I order several banners per order?
Q What is the free mini banner?


Q What types of payment do you accept?


Q Can I pick up my banner to save shipping cost?
Q What are your shipping methods?
Q How long does it take to ship by ground?
Q What is shipping time?


Q Can I use my very own artwork?
Q Is the logo design, photo or picture I am uploading okay to print?
Q Can I save my artwork and return into it later?
Q How to use our Pre-Designed Team banners templates?
Q How to order Team Banners by Order Form?
Q How to design your own soccer banners?
Q How to saved and open your team banner designs file?
Q What is Hem & Grommet banners?
Q What is Pole Pocket banner?
Q What is Home Plate pennant?
Q What is Triangle Pennant?